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WorkAdvisor is a radical new online platform for motivated travel professionals.
Employers + WorkAdvisor = A revolutionary approach to recruiting and retaining the very best talent in travel..
WorkAdvisor is a review site for employers and employees dedicated to the UK travel industry. Through employee reviews, employers secure a “real time” view of their business from those in the know. This enables them to attract the most motivated and engaged talent in travel, together with those who are looking to join our fantastic industry.
The WorkAdvisor Essentials:
Company Overviews

WorkAdvisor is a review site where engaged, motivated job seekers and existing employees can find out more about what it’s like to work for a particular business and about its potential recruitment opportunities. We know employees are the life-blood of any company and we want to showcase businesses to our audience through the company profiles that we have created. Please visit the site to review your company profile.

You are the experts and may want to say more about the great things you do, perhaps through videos or enhanced profiles that show what sets you apart from a competitor. To post a video or talk about enhancing your brand, call us on 02380 986 171.

Employee Reviews

WorkAdvisor is a site where people working in travel review their current or former employer, based on a five simple questions. All users are validated and reviews are anonymous. If it's great you will hear about it, if it's not so great you will get to know, be able to respond accordingly and also have a “right to reply” on the site.

Employee reviews, based on measurable data, will bring you valuable feedback and give motivated travel candidates the inside track on your business.


WorkAdvisor prides itself on offering the most relevant content at all times to our subscribers. We will ensure up-to-the-minute news and views are available, keeping you abreast of all the most important developments affecting the industry.

WorkAdvisor will also offer in-depth interviews and reports on the issues affecting the travel industry and deliver insight into the numerous areas of the travel sector.




We will compile all the individual reviews from your employees, with a view to celebrating the top companies in travel. We will publish personalised and confidential monthly analysis on the employee engagement performance for your business and the relative rankings with other similar-sized businesses in your sector.


Recruiting online can be an expensive and time-consuming business. WorkAdvisor brings you candidates that are motivated to find out more about your business, as they will read the many reviews about what it’s like to work in your business and what sets you apart. We promise to deliver quality over quantity. Subscribers to WorkAdvisor will have a much stronger understanding of your business before you interview them, leading to a stronger pool of candidates and reducing your investment.

If you want to find out how you can hire the best talent in the travel industry, call us on 02380 986 171.


Employee engagement is at the heart of the WorkAdvisor model. There are no better ambassadors for your business than your staff members, so encourage your team to champion your business and ask them to review, to ensure you feature prominently in the WorkAdvisor ratings.

If your business does not have a staff engagement strategy or you would like to know how engagement can help your business, click here or call us on 02380 986 171.

Contact us now to personalise your business overview and to find out more how WorkAdvisor can support your business and bring you the best and most motivated candidates for the future.

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