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Bob Pundit

This was an interesting project for me, as it involved me dusting off my old pens and sketch pad and begining the project with hand drawn images, which was a refreshing change and a chance to get away from my computer. I was hired to create an illustrated character for pages inside a new football statistics handbook that was being put together by a local businessman. The idea was to start create a historical handbook based on Southampton Football Club's history, showing statistical data of all matches, leagues, goals and other interesting facts that fans would be keen to learn. The main purpose of this project is to replicate this handbook for all the other Premiere League football clubs and then if all goes well my client intends to do the same for all the lower leagues. I haven't yet received a printed copy back from the printers but when I do I will post up some photos showing the actual printed handbook. If you have a similar project, then get in touch and we can arrange to meet up for a coffee and discuss the best solution to your brief.

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